Professional Liability

EIA can provide environmental consultants’ professional liability (ECP) coverage at the lowest prices and with the broadest coverage. EIA’s environmental insurance and legal experts assist with complex applications, evaluate contracts and insurance requirements, and place specific types of consulting risks with appropriate carriers.

Policy Highlights
ECP policy provides coverage for financial costs arising out of acts, errors and omissions in the performance of the Named Insured’s professional services
Trigger of coverage is a claim first made and reported to insurer during policy period

Program Highlights
Combined form with Commercial General Liability/Contractors’ Pollution Liability, or separate
professional liability policy
Limits up to $50 million
Packages available with excess/umbrella, auto, and workers comp
Minimum premium: $2,500.00 for stand alone policy, $3,500.00 for combined policy without mold,
$5,000.00 with mold
Minimum deductible $2,500.00
Premiums flat (not auditable) available
Annual and per project policies

Underwriting Requirements
Proof of qualification to perform particular services (licenses, certifications, resumes, SOQ’s)
Claims history/loss runs from previous carriers
Client/sub contracts with the approved language
Carriers have different “appetites” (environmental vs. non-environmental, commercial vs. residential,
particular states)

Customer Profile
Environmental engineers and consultants
Mold/IAQ assessors, consultants
Asbestos/lead consultants
Tank consultants, testing firms
Analytical laboratories
Non-environmental consultants that also do environmental work (e.g., home inspectors)

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