Site Pollution Liability

EIA can provide site pollution liability coverage, pre-underwritten and tailored to fit specific risks by EIA’s environmental insurance and legal experts. Such coverage can be essential to the success of real estate transactions involving contaminated property.

Basic Coverage
Pollution Conditions: Pre-existing known and unknown from historical site operations, and new (post-closing) pollution conditions from on-going operations that may give rise to:
Liabilities: bodily injury, property damage, cleanup costs, natural resource damages, business interruption, failure of institutional/engineering, compliance, buyer excavation activities

Program Highlights
Limits up to $50 million
Terms up to ten years (but automatic renewal available in some circumstances)
A rated carriers
Required underwriting information for coverage of contaminated properties: site assessments and other environmental documents, regulatory correspondence, transactional documents (purchase and sale agreements, leases)
Coverage for indoor pollution including mold, asbestos, lead
Coverage of institutional/engineering controls liability
Portfolio coverage for groups of properties

Integrated Environmental Risk Financing
Legal transactional services – negotiate and draft environmental provisions of purchase and sale agreements,
structure deals
Links to top environmental engineering companies and law firms assessments

Customer Profile:
Real estate developers
Parties to brownfields/contaminated property transactions
Environmental facilities (waste, recycling. landfills)
Financial institutions
Automobile dealerships
Property managers (residential, commercial buildings)

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