Environmental Claims Management Alliance

Environmental Claims Management Alliance (ECMA) is a strategic partnership between Susan Neuman of Environmental Insurance Agency, Don Richardson of Environmental Waste Management Associates, and Tara Fappiano of Havkins, Rosenfeld, Ritzert and Varriale, LLP. ECMA provides services to the carrier and the policyholder. We deliver early and pro-active claims management, providing a coordinated response to coverage questions, loss control, expert adjustment and evaluation of environmental claims, and, when necessary, counsel for environmental litigation.

24/7 Emergency Spill Response. Are you ready to respond to a catastrophic spill? ECMA’s experienced environmental counsel and technical experts are available to assist third party administrators, safety managers, and insurers with emergency response to environmental incidents. We ensure emergency containment and cleanup, comprehensive gathering of evidence at the scene, real-time updates and post-loss compliance with EPA, DOT, and state regulations. Our attorneys can conduct privileged interviews of key personnel. And, by using pre-screened national and regional response companies, we control your costs at a time when you are most vulnerable to exorbitant pricing.

Claims Presentation and Evaluation. Planning to file a claim under a non-standardized environmental insurance policy? Proper presentation is particularly important. ECMA’s legal and insurance experts will handle the presentation of claims to insurers, including supporting documentation and relevant policy language, so that legitimate claims will receive the coverage they deserve. For the carrier, ECMA offers a combination of technical expertise, coverage knowledge, and experienced legal counsel to quickly, economically, and accurately evaluate environmental claims.

Claims Adjustment and Defense. Our engineering experts will assist in the adjustment process, and can provide information to assess the appropriate payment of related and reasonable costs. Our legal team can negotiate with regulatory agencies and, when necessary, provide the policyholder with effective representation, at the request of the carrier or the policyholder.

Coverage Litigation. Our coverage lawyers will respond to reservation of rights and denial letters appropriately and can negotiate with carriers toward settlement. We can also offer in depth coverage opinions to the carrier, responding to tenders of coverage appropriately. When necessary, our legal team can step in to provide proactive and effective representation in coverage litigations.

Loss Control. Long-term site pollution liability policies have a particular need for on-going loss control services that can identify and address potential pollution conditions. ECMA’s technical experts stand ready to investigate and recommend ways of addressing any and all situations that threaten to turn into pollution incidents, potential claims, or real claims.

Expert Testimony. ECMA’s environmental insurance experts have testified frequently and successfully in insurance coverage, as well as broker malpractice actions. Our engineering consultants can provide expert testimony on technical environmental issues to support coverage and defense litigation.

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