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Environmental Insurance Agency, Inc. (EIA) is a unique team of experts with several decades of environmental legal, engineering, and insurance underwriting experience. We provide proven and integrated risk management solutions to a variety of environmental problems, creating lasting value and stability for our clients. The centerpiece of these solutions is environmental insurance, EIA is one of the top environmental insurance brokerage firms in the country for obtaining and placing these and other risk transfer mechanisms. Click here to learn more…

Latest News

Susan Neuman joins NAESIP as Brownfields Program Manager, forms new law firm with Mark Manewitz.

Susan Neuman, President of EIA, has joined NAESIP, LLC, a wholesale environmental insurance broker headquartered in Mahwah, NJ as Brownfields Program Manager. (Click here to read the full article)

AIG Environmental Cancels Site Pollution Program due to Losses Which Could Have Been Avoided.

The world of brownfield insurance (BI) was recently shocked to learn that AIG was non-renewing its site pollution liability (SPL) book of business. AIG’s Pollution Legal Liability Select (PLLS) policy, issued in 1995, was environmental insurers’ first response to the Brownfields Movement. (Click here to download and read the full article)

Brownfield Property Loss Control Service

Owners and developers of brownfield properties need assurance that they will meet their obligations to maintain institutional and engineering controls (IC/ECs) over known contamination left in place. (Click here to read the full article)

Renewable Energy Projects on Contaminated Property: Managing the Risks

The best risk management tool is an insurance program that can integrate property and commercial general liability (CGL) coverage for renewable energy risks with manuscripted coverage under a site pollution liability (SPL) policy for brownfield risks. (Click here to read the full article)

Cleanup Cost Cap Insurance is Available Again

After essentially disappearing from the environmental insurance marketplace for a number of years, cleanup cost cap products have made a re-appearance. (Click here to read the full article)

Brownfield Redevelopment:
The Problem. Brownfields are abandoned, idled or underused industrial and commercial properties at which real or perceived contamination interferes with real estate transactions and redevelopment or reuse efforts. They are also referred to as lightly contaminated sites. They are not Superfund sites, but fear of strict, joint and several, and retroactive Superfund liability often prevents them from being sold. Also, owners “mothball” these sites because they’re afraid of what they’ll find and will have to report if they look too closely. Thus, the risks and liabilities don’t get transferred.
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Site Pollution Liability:
EIA can provide site pollution liability coverage, pre-underwritten and tailored to fit specific risks by EIA’s environmental insurance and legal experts. Such coverage can be essential to the success of real estate transactions involving contaminated property.

Basic Coverage Pollution Conditions: Pre-existing known and unknown from historical site operations, and new (post-closing) pollution conditions from on-going operations.
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Need a new environmental insurance product for your specific exposure? Our team of experts can take you safely through every stage of the complex process of purchasing one: Pre-Underwriting/Exposure Analysis, Submission to the right carrier(s), Negotiating/drafting language that fits the risks and is legally sufficient, Binding and Policy Issuance (is the language right at each stage?), Claims handling – presenting the claim properly to the insurer. Click here for more environmental services…

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